US GO-SHIP 2021 A20/A22 cruise

Aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson
A20 Chief Scientist: Ryan Woosley (
A22 Chief Scientist: Viviane Menezes (
Woods Hole to Woods Hole (MA) via US Virgin Islands
March to May, 2021


Forms to submit to the Chief Scientist:

UCSD/SIO-funded students:

COVID-19 protocol and pre-boarding isolation:

  • Information and protocols on the ship's website
  • More information on high risk categories reported in the evaluation form can be found at the CDC website
  • Everyone must isolate for 14 days (count as spending 14 nights at isolation location) 
  • COVID-19 tests are required at beginning and 72 hours prior ending of isolation. Both must be negaive. Details of how the test will be done will be provided 

While at sea

COVID-19 protocol:

  • A mask will be required during the first week, outside of the staterooms 

Cruise blog:

  • Follow the cruise here

Cruise reports:

  • Report week 1
  • Report week 2
  • ...


  • Data
  • Cruise report