The U.S. GO-SHIP I6S 2019 Cruise

Aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson

Chief Scientist: Alejandro Orsi (

Co-Chief Scientist: Isabella Rosso (

Cape Town to Cape Town, South Africa
April to May, 2019


        While At Sea:

        Work Report 1 - 20 April 2019.

        Work Report 2 - 1 May 2019.

        Work Report 3 - 12 May 2019.

        Contact Information for shipping cargo to WHOI right after the cruise.

        Sea-Ice Images (MODIS).

        Cruise blog.


        Science Crew: Group, Name, E-mail, Affiliation.

        Sailor's Must Know: Authorities, Responsibilities, Roles, Policies, Safety.

        Applying for South African Visas.

        Shipping Agent and Science Equipment Manifest.

        Hazmat Form: submit to Chief Scientist.

        UCSD/SIO-funded Participant Form: submit Ms. Tomomi Ushii (

        Guidelines and Direct Deposit Form for UCSD/SIO-funded participants.

        Science Party Member Form: submit to Chief Scientist asap.

        Order T-shirts.

        Cruise Plan, Stations Table and Full Planner Spreadsheet.

        Over-The-Side Deployment Request Form.

        Lab Space Requirements.

        R/V Thomas T. Thompson: Deck and Lab Plans, and Starboard Views.

        Rosette Ops.













Last updated May 12, 2019